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Wenn es die Zeit zulässt bin ich auf https://www.n0r1sk.com aktiv. Auf dieser Seite verlinken ein paar Kollegen und ich, interessante Themen, welche wir mit der Öffentlichkeit und im Sinne des Open-Source-Gedanken, teilen möchten.

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  • Speaker at DevOps Gathering 2018
    von Mario Kleinsasser am 24. Februar 2018 um 14:24

    This year and for the first time I attended as speaker at the DevOps Gathering 2018 conference at Bochum Germany! Long story short, it was an extremely great experience for me! The idea for giving this talk was born in October 2017. I knew that Peter Rossback (a long term friend of us) invented a […]

  • Terraform(ing) Blue-Green Swarms of Docker (VMware vCenter)
    von Mario Kleinsasser am 21. Januar 2018 um 15:03

    Preface Terraform(ing) Blue-Green Swarms of Docker will enable you to update your Docker Swarm hosts to the actual Docker-CE version without an outage. For example imagine the following situation. Your have some Docker Swarm manager up and running and of course a bunch of Docker Swarm workers. If you are forced to update your operating […]

  • Terraform(ing) Docker hosts with LinuxKit on-premise (VMware vCenter)
    von Mario Kleinsasser am 13. Januar 2018 um 10:20

    Preface This blog post aims not be a fully-fledged step by step tutorial on how you can create and bootstrap a Docker Swarm cluster with VMware vCenter on-premise. Instead, it should give you an idea about what is possible and why we do it this way. There are different ways to achieve different goals and […]

  • DevOps Gathering 2018
    von Mario Kleinsasser am 5. Dezember 2017 um 20:07

    In February 2018 I will give my first official talk at the DevOps Gathering 2018 at Bochum Germany. Now I would like to write some lines about why I am doing it and I would also like to suggest you this conference to attend to. And now, here comes the story. Peter Rossbach is one […]

  • 1. Meetup: Allgemeines & Umfrage / General & Survey
    von Mario Kleinsasser am 18. November 2017 um 20:16

    We are planning a Docker Meetup in the next months. Therefore we have created a Google forms poll which you can see below. The poll is provided in German language as we are currently expecting only German talking people to come to our first Meetup. The description will only be provided in German language at […]

  • Linux, Golang , govendor and Microsoft Code
    von Mario Kleinsasser am 14. November 2017 um 20:37

    Vim. Yes I am a long term Vim user and I think I still will be a Vim user in a couple of years too. But today I would like to show you, that Microsoft Code is really a great addition for sometimes Golang coders like me. Yes I now, Vim is also a great […]

  • Docker TOTD 3 – Consensus and Syslog
    von Mario Kleinsasser am 13. November 2017 um 20:41

    If you make a mistake and do not correct it, this is called a mistake. [Confucius] Today we faced a problem with our Docker Swarm which was caused by a permanently restarting service. The focused service was Prometheus, which we use for the monitoring of our Docker environment. The story starts in the middle of […]

  • Docker TOTD – container id to aufs diff mount id
    von Mario Kleinsasser am 10. November 2017 um 9:37

    Ever asked yourself where to find the information what aufs diff folder maps to a running container? It’s pretty simple if you just poke around a little bit in the [crayon-5adb8772bacc7662879585-i/] folder. But lets start at the beginning. In the default Docker engine configuration, aufs is the storage driver which is used for images and […]

  • DockerCon EU 2017 – recap…
    von Bernhard Rausch am 3. November 2017 um 10:58

    First of all Mario & I where really excited going to DockerCon EU 2017 and didn’t know what was waiting for us. Monday started at about 04:00 AM by driving to Klagenfurt (Austria) and flying to Copenhagen via Vienna. After arriving at Copenhagen airport we managed to buy a metro/bus/train ticket so we could ride […]

  • Docker on Citrix Linux VDA: Dev and Ops powered
    von Mario Kleinsasser am 26. Oktober 2017 um 17:50

    A real story. What do you do if developers (your friends in this case) are forced to use Windows at work by policy? This developers are already using CI/CD Gitlab Docker/Dind all inclusive pipelines and are recognizing, that they are lost on their local workstations. Why? They are using standard business workstations. Under economic circumstances […]