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Wenn es die Zeit zulässt bin ich auf https://www.n0r1sk.com aktiv. Auf dieser Seite verlinken ein paar Kollegen und ich, interessante Themen, welche wir mit der Öffentlichkeit und im Sinne des Open-Source-Gedanken, teilen möchten.

Siehe auch: https://github.com/n0r1sk/https://hub.docker.com/r/n0r1skcom/ und https://wiki.n0r1sk.com/

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  • Contributing to Docker (or others)
    von Mario Kleinsasser am 16. Oktober 2017 um 3:52

    General The last week’s I was busy to get two pull requests merged for docker-machine. Here I will tell you the story which experiences I gained and why it was worth the work. I write this during our journey and flights to Docker Con EU 2017, because I am in a good mood and exited … Continue reading Contributing to Docker (or others) […]

  • We are going to Docker Con EU 2017
    von Mario Kleinsasser am 14. Oktober 2017 um 19:44

    Bernhard and I will attend to Docker Con EU 2017! Glad to see some people there which are in contact with us at Slack or Github! Follow us at Twitter, we might post some updates there! Image copyright by Docker Inc! -M […]

  • New development release of our border controller
    von Mario Kleinsasser am 17. September 2017 um 13:45

    In the last few days we have just updated the development branch of our border controller. You can lookup the actual information about it on Github. Be sure that you choose the edge branch. The changelog contains information about the latest changes. We are really impressed, that the border controller was downloaded 2700 times until … Continue reading New development release of our border controller […]

  • On-Premise Gitlab with autoscale Docker machine Microsoft Azure runners
    von Mario Kleinsasser am 11. September 2017 um 7:44

    This post is about the experience we gained last week while we were expanding our on-premise Gitlab installation with autoscale Docker machine runners located in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Preface We are running a quite large Gitlab installation for our development colleagues since about five years. Since march this year we are also using our … Continue reading On-Premise Gitlab with autoscale Docker machine Microsoft Azure runners […]

  • SSL offloading – NGinx – Apache Tomcat – showcase
    von Mario Kleinsasser am 5. September 2017 um 6:54

    Regarding to our post covering the SSL – NGinx – Apache Tomcat offloading, we decide to create a small showcase project. You will find this showcase project under the following link https://github.com/n0r1sk/https-nginx-tomcat. This project should clarify all configuration tasks needed to get up and running with NGxinx and Apache Tomcat. Furthermore you will find a … Continue reading SSL offloading – NGinx – Apache Tomcat – showcas […]

  • Docker: Enabling mailing in php:apache (running WordPress)
    von Markus Neuhold am 20. August 2017 um 14:07

    Starting from When using the php:apache image from https://hub.docker.com/_/php/ image mail support was not enabled. On my docker host postfix is already enabled and configured to accept and forward mails from my docker containers. So I should be able to send mails. When I decided to install WordPress by myself, I ended up with this … Continue reading Docker: Enabling mailing in php:apache (running WordPress) […]

  • Docker TOTD
    von Mario Kleinsasser am 31. Juli 2017 um 9:43

    If you edit a Docker bind mounted file [crayon-59ecbb5d68d8c370624292-i/] you may have recognized that you face a [crayon-59ecbb5d68d96821910934-i/] under certain circumstances, especially if you edit the file with Vim on your Docker host. This is because Vim will copy the content of the original edit file to a new one and after you save the … Continue reading Docker TOTD […]

  • Docker Endeavor – Episode 3 – Orbit
    von Mario Kleinsasser am 12. Juli 2017 um 19:43

    General It’s been two month since the last Docker Endeavor post but we weren’t lazy! In opposite, we build a lot of new stuff and changed a lot of things and of course we learned a lot too! In between I passed my master exam and therefore the last two month were really busy. Beside … Continue reading Docker Endeavor – Episode 3 – Orbit […]

  • Nginx Reverse Proxy with SSL offloading and Apache Tomcat backends
    von Mario Kleinsasser am 7. Juli 2017 um 5:15

    Nginx SSL offloading In our current native Docker environment, we are using Nginx as our border controller (link) to get the traffic and the user sessions (sticky) managed with our Apache Tomcat servers. But together with our developers we found out that there is a major problem with https encryption on Nginx and using Apache … Continue reading Nginx Reverse Proxy with SSL offloading and Apache Tomcat backends […]

  • Lenovo Y50-70 replace keyboard
    von Markus Neuhold am 17. Mai 2017 um 13:03

    I didn’t find a full tutorial on how to do it, so I decided to post it here. It was my first try and took me about 3 hours last night. Step 1 – Order a replacement I started from http://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/lenovo-y-series-laptops/y50-70-notebook-lenovo/80ej/80ejcto/parts and orderd it at amazon.de Step 2 – Follow this tutorial Step 3 – Take some … Continue reading Lenovo Y50-70 replace keyboard […]