Testing Remote TCP/IP Connectivity – IBM i (AS400) https://t.co/JAY2vvDlyE

The following products and functions were supported on prior #IBMi releases but will not be in the future. Plans should be made to replace or discontinue use of these products and functions.

...auch dabei die #FHKärnten mit Stationen bei denen u.a. neue Technlogien in #Robotik, #AmbientAssistedLiving & #RFID gezeigt werden! https://t.co/cxdpnZXjbf

Gonna be showing people how to use open source on POWER9! Double cool! https://t.co/Gu7cMnV2wO

These are @Cloudflare IPv6 DNS resolvers. Not official yet. Keep an eye on their twitter feed or blog.

2606:4700:4700::1001 https://t.co/7WNmo4HdnQ

#Forschung hautnah für Groß und Klein gibt es am 13. April bei der #LNF18 auch in #Kärnten. 102 Stationen sind im @lakesidescitec und auf der @alpenadriauni vertreten und der Eintritt ist frei.

Looking for a better way to develop for the IBM i? Check out Bob from S4i. https://t.co/E04JUOCJkj

The new version of #Docker EE introduces Service Clusters which provide a separate instance of the reverse proxy to each application. Learn more: https://t.co/XjCAI5eTbZ

Picking the right #cloud MSP is an important way to ensure data is protected. Get more information on this topic here. #IBM https://t.co/TRuyQMoU9V

Using (or interested in) Rational Developer for #IBMi? Check out the RDi Hub on developerWorks for great info on news, ordering, extending, and more!


can't wait for our @docker #meetup & #dockerbday celebration from #DockerSouthAustria - also excited to give my first talk!

Let's Encrypt wildcard certificates and ACMEv2 are available today! More information can be found here: https://t.co/0SdH98Oabn

When I telephone IBM support I call this API to display all the information they always ask me for.

Breaking changes coming for the IBM i Chroot project. Give input on the changes if you'd like.


#IBMiOSS #yum


Interested in learning about Security enhancement in the new #POWER9 #PowerVM servers? See introductory blog https://t.co/LVivXqIpy4

Get details about temporary storage tracking enhancements introduced with #IBMi 7.2 from @DawnMayiCan in this post. https://t.co/tZBOfDfUUI

#ACS #IBMi #StayCurrent
ACS is available. Get the latest and greatest, including this Printer Output improvement! https://t.co/s6xY8L0hDV

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