@rauschbit @runhappylife @antweiss @mxbornschlegl Therefore we will run a Linux-Day at the Secondary Technical Vocational College and Institute for Research and Technology Villach on 17th of Mai - to prove that technology is fun and also about people. Join us! @STRABAG_SE #strabagit #teamswork https://t.co/7iKkvrFJhI

I wrote an elasticsearch library for go. It has all cut apis and some cluster checks. Just implemented what I needed at the moment. If you want to try it, you can find it here: https://t.co/y2bpcDuuNa
#Elasticsearch #golang

How to make QShell, QP2TERM and SSH daemon use prestart jobs when spawning / forking - great article @DawnMayiCan !

I have moved the barryCI help documentation to the GitHub repo so everyone can see it 🙂 It's mostly notes on using make https://t.co/6obeBwz64V #IBMi

Have you ever think to use #IBM #iDoctor for perfomance analysis? You can do it for free and here is a short manual. Thank you @MBuurRasmussen for validation https://t.co/ihDm1KQ1SQ #IBMChampion #tutorial #IBMi

Here is my round-up post of the #devconf2019 | It was a great conference! 👏 Happy reading! 📚😃 @RedHat @STRABAG_SE #strabagit https://t.co/iv5okrzQco

Move to the cloud, they said. It's more reliable, they said. It's managed by professionals, they said. There will be no downtime, they said....

People using the IFS for the ILE code (C, COBOL or RPG) - how are you doing unit tests? Are you doing comparison or just testing for a crash or? I want to integrate unit testing into barryci and am collecting ideas on how it should be done. #ibmi

Cons: We have reached a max limit "number of objects per library" for QRPLOBJ (10^6 for 7.3 )
Pros: Now I know where the replaced objects are going when QRPLOBJ is full.

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