The following products and functions were supported on prior #IBMi releases but will not be in the future. Plans should be made to replace or discontinue use of these products and functions.

...auch dabei die #FHKärnten mit Stationen bei denen u.a. neue Technlogien in #Robotik, #AmbientAssistedLiving & #RFID gezeigt werden!

Gonna be showing people how to use open source on POWER9! Double cool!

These are @Cloudflare IPv6 DNS resolvers. Not official yet. Keep an eye on their twitter feed or blog.


#Forschung hautnah für Groß und Klein gibt es am 13. April bei der #LNF18 auch in #Kärnten. 102 Stationen sind im @lakesidescitec und auf der @alpenadriauni vertreten und der Eintritt ist frei.

Looking for a better way to develop for the IBM i? Check out Bob from S4i.

The new version of #Docker EE introduces Service Clusters which provide a separate instance of the reverse proxy to each application. Learn more:

Picking the right #cloud MSP is an important way to ensure data is protected. Get more information on this topic here. #IBM

Using (or interested in) Rational Developer for #IBMi? Check out the RDi Hub on developerWorks for great info on news, ordering, extending, and more!

can't wait for our @docker #meetup & #dockerbday celebration from #DockerSouthAustria - also excited to give my first talk!

Let's Encrypt wildcard certificates and ACMEv2 are available today! More information can be found here:

When I telephone IBM support I call this API to display all the information they always ask me for.

Breaking changes coming for the IBM i Chroot project. Give input on the changes if you'd like.

#IBMiOSS #yum


Interested in learning about Security enhancement in the new #POWER9 #PowerVM servers? See introductory blog

Get details about temporary storage tracking enhancements introduced with #IBMi 7.2 from @DawnMayiCan in this post.

#ACS #IBMi #StayCurrent
ACS is available. Get the latest and greatest, including this Printer Output improvement!

This post focuses on how to understand possible performance implications when using workload groups. Get more insight from @DawnMayiCan. #IBMi

Real world docker swarm usage with Apache httpd load balancing tomcats dynamically configured with bosnd by @m4r10k #dog18

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